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Our Mission

The personal, societal and economic costs of chronic eye pain, including that of unrelenting symptoms of dry eye, are enormous and increasing.  Even when they escalate to levels that provoke thoughts of suicide these diseases are typically ignored by the medical professions because they are invisible.  Moreover, despite the investment of vast intellectual and financial resources so-called “dry eye disease” today remains shrouded in mystery and finding a cure is nowhere in sight. We believe that the reason for this impasse is that we have been misled by the assumption that tears is the underlying problem as well as the reluctance of researchers in this field to consider alternative explanations. The Boston EyePain Foundation was created to expand the conversation on possible causes of inadequately explained chronic dry eye and other eye pain symptoms and to support the establishment of a multidisciplinary Eye Pain Institute as a center for research for the development of new generations of treatments for neuropathic oculofacial pain.