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Welcome To Our New Website

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Welcome To Our New Website
Welcome To Our New Website

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The mission of this website is to reach out to the victims of a currently unrecognized disease that causes unrelenting, agonizing eye pain and often devastating photosensitivity.  Nevertheless, this disorder is typically dismissed by eye doctors because these eyes look normal.  Considering that our previous low profile website attracted more than 700 visitors each month, many of whom suffer from this invisible disease (which I have named oculofacial pain syndrome), validates this life-destroying affliction and indicates that the number of these patients is far greater than I had imagined. The new website is designed to offer these patients a more robust resource for encouraging their doctors to visit and read the science that underlies their disease and explains why these eyes look deceptively normal.  As you will note, we have made it easy for patients to download its postings to give to their doctors in the hope of encouraging them to visit the website and learn about this affliction of the eyes’ pain system and the new neuropathic theory of so-called dry eye disease.  Its content will continue to grow as our understanding of these diseases matures. I wish to acknowledge and thank my partners whose financial support has made this mission possible.

Perry Rosenthal, M.D. Founder

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