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Our Mission

Our Mission

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The personal, societal and economic costs of chronic eye pain including unrelenting dry eye symptoms are enormous. These afflictions can escalate to levels in some of its victims that provoke thoughts of suicide.  So-called “dry eye” is a major and growing public health challenge. Yet it remains enshrouded in mystery.  Despite the investment of vast intellectual and financial resources, truly effective treatments have failed to materialize. Could conventional wisdom that tears is the problem be wrong? The Boston EyePain Foundation was created to support the pursuit of a promising new avenue of investigation; the theory that these inadequately explained eye symptoms and reduced tears are both caused by diseases of the complex, powerful corneal pain system and its brain connections. The Foundation’s goals are to be the principal educational resource of this neuropathic paradigm for scientists, doctors, patients and the public through papers in medical journals, its website and public media, and support the establishment of a multidisciplinary EyePain Institute as the center for research and patient care to develop a new generation of treatments for neuropathic pain of the eye and other areas of the body.

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