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Welcome To Our New Website

The mission of this website is to reach out to the victims of a currently unrecognized disease that causes unrelenting, agonizing eye pain and often devastating photosensitivity.  Nevertheless, this disorder is typically dismissed by eye doctors because these eyes look normal.  Considering that our previous low profile website attracted more than 700 visitors each month,... Read More »

Chronic Eye Pain Following Laser Keratorefractive Surgery*

Conclusions: The duration of centralized corneal neuropathic pain exceeded 2 years at the time of the initial consultation in all patients. This cohort consisted of 15 women and 6 men. 62% of patients reported a pain-free interval between the resolution of surgical pain and onset of chronic corneal pain that ranged from 3 days to 15 years. Excluding the 15 year outlier, the median delay in the onset of chronic pain following LKS was 1.5 years. 14 of 17 patients who had worn soft contact lenses prior to surgery had developed intolerance to these devices. Of the 4 patients without

Information Suppressed

This website was hacked after the posting of two scientific papers on LASIK complications that had been rejected by journals focused on refractive surgery. Doctors, please read them and let me know whether you believe that they deserved to be suppressed on scientific grounds (no shills please). We will be glad to post other papers... Read More »

Our Mission

The personal, societal and economic costs of chronic eye pain including unrelenting dry eye symptoms are enormous. These afflictions can escalate to levels in some of its victims that provoke thoughts of suicide.  So-called “dry eye” is a major and growing public health challenge. Yet it remains enshrouded in mystery.  Despite the investment of vast intellectual and... Read More »