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Patient's Corner


SHOULD YOU HAVE LASIK? Perry Rosenthal, M.D.   Although I have avoided answering this question until now, I decided to do so with the understanding that it reflects an opinion colored by my interest in one of its rare but life-devastating complications.  What changed my mind?  It was the response to my Googling “LASIK, RISKS”... Read More »

The Scandal of LASIK and the FDA

Consider a surgical procedure performed on a healthy organ critical to our ability to function that is performed for patients’ convenience/cosmesis and provides no medical benefits. Shouldn’t it be safe? LASIK and PRK performed for the convenience of avoiding the need to wearing spectacles or contact lenses is not only dangerous, the industry abetted by... Read More »

Dry Eye Disease and the Dark Side of Medicine

Dry eye disease (DED) is a major public health problem. Dry eye disease has been estimated to impact the lives of 15-30 million people in the U.S. alone. These numbers are growing as are its enormous personal, societal and economic costs. Therefore, it is baffling that despite the seemingly obvious cause and effect and the considerable... Read More »