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Patient Stories

You are not alone. Our patient's corner provides information for you to share with your doctor along with other patient's stories that you may find helpful. Click here to read these articles.

Unrelenting, Agonizing Eye Pain: My Personal Battle with Corneal Neuralgia

My vision fades out…and I can no longer read. I see the faint outline of words but the pain is so excruciating…like razor blades against my eyes. I hold my breath, waiting for the pain to subside, even a little. I want to SCREAM out. But I can’t. I know they won’t understand, and I know it won’t go away completely, probably not ever. You would think that after six months of dealing with this, I would be used to it. But I’m not. There are no words to describe pain like this.

Sometimes Unremarkable is Remarkable

When the battery of ophthalmology exams is complete and each test has essentially revealed straightforward unremarkable findings, especially in comparison to the patient’s description of eye pain, what do you do? From even a very young age when “math” doesn’t “add up”, you are taught to double check. Look closer. Look again. Reevaluate. Throwing away, skipping or dismissing the problem isn’t an option when you sit in a math class. Likewise, it isn’t an option when you sit across from a patient and it doesn’t “add up.”

Not Seeing Is Not Believing

Hannah Lee's Story It started a little over two years ago when I was 26 years old – slight burning in both eyes that rapidly became more intense and was soon joined by crippling, stabbing pain that shocked me to my very core. The agony was so unbearable that there were times I wanted to gouge my eyes out. Since then I’ve seen over a dozen ophthalmologists, several primary care doctors and have been to emergency clinics. While some doctors were simply puzzled, others were abrupt and implied that since they could see no physical signs for the

A Last Cry For Help

The following is an excerpt of an email sent to me from a patient. The eye pain is by far the worst aspect of my health issues... And also the one thing that all doctors have ignored or dismissed. The pain is constant and rarely mild. It's most often a deep, extreme ache in both eyes but can also be a burning sensation or a feeling that I have fiberglass in my eyes. It causes me anxiety attacks, stress, depression. It's so bad that I can't work. I cannot look at computer monitors or TV screens.