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Doctor's Corner

So-Called Dry Eye Disease

“Researchers systematically work out one concept and own it.” (Ellen Langer, Harvard)   What’s in a name? As a diagnosis, ‘Dry Eye Disease’ could not be more explicit. But is it accurate? Consider the enigmas of its statistics. Although the tear metrics of the group that reports inappropriate chronic dry eye-like symptoms are lower than... Read More »

Dry Eye And The Brain

  Perry Rosenthal, M.D. October 2015   Eyes that feel dry are dry. This has been the mantra of studies focused on dry eye disease (DED). Even its name leaves no room for debate. Presented as dogma, it explains the enigmatic disparities between tear metrics and symptoms in this patient population as caused by abnormal... Read More »

Inadequately Explained Chronic Dry Eye Symptoms and Corneal Pain: New Insights and Concepts

Abstract We argue that inadequately explained chronic dry eye-like symptoms reflect corneal hypersensitivity to tear evaporation (evaporative hyperalgesia) and those associated with the spectrum of disorders currently labeled as dry eye disease are consequences of neuropathic disorders of the corneal trigeminal nociceptive pathways in which clinical manifestations are determined by the location and downstream effects of its dysfunctional elements.

The Scandal of LASIK and the FDA

Consider a surgical procedure performed on a healthy organ critical to our ability to function that is performed for patients’ convenience/cosmesis and provides no medical benefits. Shouldn’t it be safe? LASIK and PRK performed for the convenience of avoiding the need to wearing spectacles or contact lenses is not only dangerous, the industry abetted by... Read More »